Today is the Day- "Supernova" LP

Sold out.

We've been doing some organizing here at the ol' AmRep offices & came across a few things that seemed to have been missed when our shopping cart systems have changed over the years. Here's a gem from Today is the Day...

Supernova was the debut studio album for the band & was released in early 1993. 

Catalog # AMREP 022


  1. Black Dahlia
  2. 6 Dementia Satyr
  3. Silver Tongue
  4. Blind Man at Mystic Lake
  5. Adult World
  6. The Begging
  7. The Kick Inside
  8. Goose Is Cooked
  9. Timeless
  10. Rise
  11. The Guilt Barber
  12. Self Portrait


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