The Hand: You Weren't There Vol.1-Live At Grumpy's

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2016- Edition of 200 scale 159

The Hand: You Weren't There Vol. 1- Live At Grumpy's 7"

Brand-new single by The Hand, an amazing noise supergroup comprised of former members of Low & Steelpolebathtub & a current member of Gay Witch Abortion. Recorded live performance for the kickoff of band's December 2015 Residency at Grumpy's Bar in Downtown Minneapolis. 3-color silkscreened sleeve designed by HAZE XXL & printed by Obsolete Industries. Comes with download code & 8-page booklet.Vinyl is clear with red splatter & each sleeve hand-stamped for an edition of just 200 copies.


Side A: "The Positive Aspects of Failure" & "I'm A Cop

Side B: "Supersissy" & "Here Comes Mr. Sunshine"



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