Slithering Slaughter 10" *Slithering Dayglow Edition*

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Melvins: Slithering Slaughter 10"


After the year we just had, it's a great time for some mellow, easy listening tunes. Thankfully, the Melvins had the exact same idea with their new, all-acoustic album, Slithering Slaughter.

Get all cozy with a cup of chamomile tea & fire up the hi-fi starting things off with a 12-minute cover of Alice Cooper's Halo of Flies.

HAZE XXL made the cover artwork & kept the theme going with his own serpentine tribute to Cooper's Killer album.

This is the "Slithering Dayglow Edition". 5-color silkscreened sleeve has Day-Glo florescent red & green ink on both the front & back of the sleeve. The snake's eye has the only bit metallic gold ink on it which is different from the other 2 variants. Vinyl on the 10" is semi-translucent fluorescent red (but in real life, it’s borders on hot pink.)

Back of each sleeve is stamped with the edition #.

Catalog #AMREP138. Edition is limited to just 200 copies.

Here's the tracks...

Side A

Halo of Flies

Side B

Honey Bucket
Outside Chance
Up the Dumper




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