SHAG "Hui Naha" ceramic tiki mug-BLUE

Sold out.

For this year's Tiki-centric Big Kahuna Bash at Grumpy's Roseville, SHAG (aka Josh Agle) designed an exclusive ceramic Tiki mug for the event in 2 glaze colorways, each limited to 100 mugs.

Hui Naha is 2-sided design measuring approximately 2.5"x 2.5" x 8". Back of it reads "Grumpy's Bar Big Kahuna Bash Minneapolis." Bottom is embossed with "by Tiki Farm 2021." Unscientifically measured &  holds about 13 oz. Seriously, this is a guess using a pint glass to get a ballpark on it. Comes with a commemorative paper insert with the event & title of the mug. Product handmade in Mexico.

This is for the gloss blue glaze variant only.


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