Redd Kross & Melvins- New Years Eve Ball Room Blitz 12" *SHOW EXCLUSIVE*

Sold out.

Another find from when we moved the AmRep HQ this past autumn. Nobody here remembers why they are here or why they've been mixed in with some old Gaunt & Guzzard deadstock for the past 6 1/2 years, but we got 'em.
12" made for the NYE 2012 (going into 2013) show at The Alexandria Hotel's King Eddie Ballroom in Los Angeles. The edition for sale here is the one that was sold exclusively at their NYE concert & has the very limited red with white haze vinyl. We never had this variant for sale before & there's less than 10 available.
SIDE A: Melvins doing the theme from John Waters/Devine's "Female Trouble" and a Fugs cover of "Carpe Diem"
SIDE B: Redd Kross doing 2 versions of "Linda Blair" old (1984) & new (2012).
Edition of 50 with silk screened  sleeves designed by Haze-XXL & printed by Obsolete Industries. Sleeves are the AmRep version version that has the show postcard glued on the back & NOT the letterpress Mackie Osborne variant. The vinyl is what makes this edition special with show-exclusive semi-translucent red with opaque white haze. Sleeves are numbered by hand in Sharpie with the initials "B.C." (& another thing we have no idea why.)


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