NO ANCHOR with Haze-XXL - 10"

Sold out.


2014- edition of 300 AmRep 095


Australian noise combo NO ANCHOR invite the guitarded HAZE XXL to splay some 6 string action over top their normally 2 bass & drums din. Results are pretty great.

3 color silk screened sleeve with two different HAZE XXL linocut based art.


See it here...

 US EDITION w/ HAZE XXL sleeve with red, white & black tricolor vinyl.

Side A

Tick Bloat & Purge


Side B

Living with a Black Dog

Wolves Bite & Disappear (Live)


Tagged   10"   amrep   Australian   EP   Grumpy's   HAZE XXL   Ltd. Ed.   No Anchor   Slowboy   tri-color


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