MELVINS: "Escape from L.A. Tour" CD

Sold out.

Hey y'all, let's start things off by mentioning that this CD has 4 Melvins tracks & ZERO by Redd Kross. The graphics are the same as the Escape from L.A. 10", but the last 2 songs are swapped for ones by the Melvins in the CD format. If you're expecting any Redd Kross when you're playing this, well, it shouldn't be surprised because we're telling you right now that there ain't any.

4-track CD for late-2019 Escape from L.A. tour. Available at the shows after 9/23 & right here if weren't able to nab one at one of those. Got to have the disk printed with the Melvins Donuts graphic, which worked out really well with the shape, Would've been royally effed on that design idea if donuts were triangular.

Catalog # is AMREP 129. Here's the tracks...


  • Ghost On the Highway (Melvins)
  • Charlie (Melvins)
  • Female Trouble
  • Carpe Diem




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