MELVINS: LORD OF THE FLIES 10" *Buzzing Buzz Blue Edition*

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Melvins: Lord of the Flies 10"


Remember when we promised the vinyl version? Well here it is, OVER 6 FREAKING MONTHS LATER!!! Seriously, the delays at the pressing plant have been out of control, BUT thankfully, we did get 'em & it was worth the wait.

Includes 2 heavy Melvins tracks from an upcoming LP & 2 insane covers, 1 of them featuring Matt Cameron of Soundgarden even.

The cover is designed by HAZE XXL & screenprinted in 5 colors on our standard tan heavy stock sleeve by Boxymouse. This edition has the iridescent blue ink on the front, which is exclusive to this variant.

The vinyl is clear green with fluorescent green splatters throughout.

Back of each sleeve is stamped with the edition #.

Catalog #AMREP144. Edition is limited to just 100 copies.

Here's the tracks...

Side A

  • Never Say You're Sorry
  • Spoon Man

  • Side B

  • Misty Mountain Urge
  • The Receiver & the Empire State




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