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Melvins TV, first on the interwebs, now in yer earholes. With Covid gumming up the works of all of last year, the Melvins found another way for people jonseing to get their live music fix & that's how you get Melvins TV!

They put on 3 livestream performances, closing out 2020 on the final day with Volume 1- New Year's Evil. Volume 2 came along a couple of months later with their Valentine's Day special, Divine Monkeyshines. The finale from May 1st is Volume 3, appropriately named, MAY DAY! MAY DAY! MAY DAY!

All the performances were archived for posterity & now you can relive the audio magic. This project was planned to be released in earlier summer, but then all of a sudden, everyone started up again & there was a giant bottleneck at the pressing plant. It took #*$!&@ forever, but the finally ready.

This is the Blood N' Brains Edition & the vinyl half & half opaque grey & slightly-translucent red with black splatters throughout.

HAZE XXL-designed sleeves are screenprinted by Boxymouse in 4 colors of ink on our standard brown chipboard sleeves.

We got shorted on one of the volumes, so this record is part of the 25 that were extra since we couldn't make full sets. This is for Volume 3 (MAY DAY! MAY DAY! MAY DAY!) ONLY. Wanna make it perfectly clear, this is NOT for the full set of 3 records.

Catalog # is AMREP141. Here's the track listings...

Side A

The Bit
Eye Flys

Side B

Growing Disgust
With Teeth

Something we should also mention in case it's an issue. These releases are handmade & may have slight imperfections. We have the sleeves custom made, then they're shipped to us through the meatgrinder gamble that is UPS. From there, they are run through a screenprinter anywhere from an average of 6-9 times & then are all hand stuffed with the actual records. All in all, that's a lot of handling & so there's a good chance that they're not going to looking like a gleaming shrink-wrapped sleeve from a machine at a factory.


We say this nearly every time & maybe one day it'll work, but PLEASE place everything you want into 1 ORDER.

If there are multiple orders placed from the same customers we will either combine them with no refund on postage, or they will be sent out exactly as placed.

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