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2019- Edition of 200 AmRep 127

MELVINS/FLIPPER: HOT FISH 10" EP Blood In The Water Edition

Hot Fish? HOT DAMN!

New for 2019, we got ourselves here the Blood In The Water Edition of (the) Melvins/Flipper's album, Hot Fish.

4 tracks on this EP-length album, 2 are the Melvins covering Flipper songs & the other 2 are Melvins playing with Flipper & 1 of them is previously unreleased track.

This is the BLOOD IN THE WATER Edition, with the classic red ink used in the cover art. 4-ink silkscreen on brown chipboard sleeve on the front cover art by HAZE XXL (& the back is 3-color.) Each sleeve is hand-stamped on back with the edition #.

Vinyl is clear with bloody red blob around the center throughout. Catalog # is AMREP 127. Here's the tracks...


    SIDE A
    Hot Fish

    SIDE B
    Flipper Blues
    I Saw You Shine


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