Melvins/Cows: Sugar Daddy Disaster 7"

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The 7" that shouldn't have been, it's Sugar Daddy Disaster!

Long-winded description about a small run of records. Well then, a decade or so ago, the Melvin’s and AmRep launched a series of 12” records called the “Sugar Daddy Series” that were split/shared records with other bands the Melvin’s were influenced/inspired by. It ended up being like, 13 records in all and included a ton of greats like the Butthole Surfers, U-men, Killdozer, Napalm Death and many more. The first released was to be with Minneapolis legends, the Cows.

Well, when the records showed up, through whatever miscommunication long since lost in time, what were waiting for me were 7”s. We already had the 12” sleeves printed, and expensive specialty bags sitting here, and we couldn’t use 7”s. Their existence would confuse folks as the series hadn’t even been established yet. So the manufacturer agreed to have them destroyed.

Fast forward a decade and Haze is over there, chatting with the fine folks at Noiseland MFG (We still work with them regularly) and it’s mentioned that 150 of the fuck up 7”s survived the purge and were found buried in the warehouse, and asked did he want them?! Bam! Sugar Daddy Disaster 7” is born out of the boredom of waiting 10 months for current projects to get pressed. Haze found the same style specialty 8 mil vinyl bags, and did a new take on the original sleeve design by Mackie Osborne, had ‘em screen printed by the speedy Boxy Mouse MFG, and then added a rubber stamp cut print of a Sugar Daddy’s Sack (of dough). As a mini Sugar Daddy relic tchotchke thang, they came out really cool! 

Edition of just 150 copies. Record is clear yellow vinyl. Silkscreened front sleeve insert, hand stamped with image of a money sack with a "$" sign on it designed & printed by HAZE XXL. Also stamped with the edition #. Scale 124.


  • Side A:  Melvins: Dog Island (Live)

  • Side 1: Cows: Chow

(For people who like trivia, unless we missed something, this is the first new 7" we've released since Unsane's Fix It on July 1st, 2017.)


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