Melvins/Boris/Mr. Phylzzz: Twins of Evil Tour Minneapolis Poster- ORANGE & RED EDITION

Sold out.

Show print for the Minneapolis stop of the Melvins/Boris 2023 Twins of Evil Tour at the Varsity Theater. Show was on September 6th & also featured performances by Mr. Phylzzz.
The is the Orange & Red Edition, which is exactly what it sounds like with you guessed it, ink with those 2 colors. Print measures approximately 18" x 24" & was designed by HAZE XXL & Screenprinted by Boxy Mouse Mfg. in 4 colors on our standard thick tan cardstock.

Edition is hand-stamped with the edition # & is limited to 30 copies.

Oh & if you're planning on ordering CDs or records at the same time, as this. Please don't & instead place a second order. Prints come rolled & we have to ship them in 2 separate orders since they won't fit together in the same packaging. If you order records/CDs with prints, you will later be asked to cover the cost of the 2nd postage expense or part of your order will be canceled & refunded.


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