Melvins: Alive at the Fucker Club 10" Reissue- *Factory Edition (Roadkill Red)*


2020- Edition of 300 AmRep 072b

Melvins: Alive at the Fucker Club 10" *FACTORY EDITION: ROADKILL RED*

Miss out on the last factory vinyl variant? Well, you're boned whether you did or didn't. Get it, cause it was the bone color vinyl. (And that there is a perfect deadbeat dad joke.) Well, yer in luck, because now there's the roadkill red one.

It only took 22 years since the original Alive at the Fucker Club CD for it to finally gets the limited edition vinyl treatment.

Quick recap on what it's all about. Live album of the Melvins set recorded on August 23rd, 1997 when they opened for the Cosmic Psychos at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne Australia.

Artwork & design by HAZE XXL of a pair of covid, er... corvids enjoying a tasty snack. This being the Factory Edition, it's exactly what it sounds like. Factory-printed sleeve with none of that fancy silkscreening or edition #.


Being the Factory Edition means a much lower price point than the previous ones. In keeping with the roadkill theme, vinyl is red on this one (plus we put it in the edition name.)



It's Shoved
Bar-X-The Rocking M


The Bloat

Mombius Hibachi


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