MELVINS: "A Walk with Love and Death" Soundtrack: Pink Flesh Edition

Sold out.

Now kids, keep in mind, this is the film score in all it's bizarre avant-garde noise weirdiness. If you think this is the regular music record by the same name, you will be in for a huge surprise when you play it.

Can't stress this enough, film score here, not the previously released Ipecac album of the same name.

There's too much crammed into this set for a lot of extra blathering, so let's jump right into it.

This edition is limited to just 100 copies.

Vinyl record is clear with red & black splatters. The catalog # is AmRep 123.

The gatefold sleeve is in the pink flesh variant which is the grosser way to say dark pink. Front & back of the sleeve is screened in that same dark pink ink. Gatefold sleeve has artwork screened on both sides & hand-stamped with the number.

Next, you get a Blu-ray copy of A Walk with Love and Death movie, (cleverly disguised as one of our cheapy $5 CDs.) The film is by Jesse Nieminen & Buzz Osborne with visuals by both & Mackie Osborne. Trust us, this isn't like anything you've seen before & loaded with 33 minutes of "OH JESUS!" The trailer gives you just a little taste of what to expect.

...And there's even more! For those who love things in the analog format, there's a 36-page booklet included with additional art & stills from the film.




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