Melvins 1983: Mullet 10" *Pumpkin Punk Edition*

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Melvins 1983: Mullet 10"

I didn't see you in church this morning?

It has a 403 4bbl V8, Cragers and a Pioneer cassette deck...Er wait. It's actually a Melvins 1983 10" and she's chuggin' her way down a backwoods dirt road to you! It's like Bullitt, except the star of this early-80's B-movie is a sleazebag who can't drive for shit and spends his time stoned at a Dairy Queen, hitting on teenage girls...MULLET.

This is the "Pumpkin Punk Edition". 4-color silkscreened sleeve has metallic antique gold & deep tomato orange ink that's exclusive to this edition. Vinyl on the 10" is a black & orange haze.

Back of each sleeve is stamped with the edition #.

Catalog #AMREP137. Edition is limited to just 150 copies.

Here's the tracks...

Fuck Around
Bouncing Back

Caddy Daddy

Horse Faced Goon


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