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We're cleaning out some backstock & have a very limited amount of these sets available. Pretty low edition numbers on them , generally in the 30's. We'll be sending them out numerically in the order they come in.

King Buzzo of the Melvins is back with his first solo album release on AmRep since 2014's This Machine Kills Artists 10". 

His latest is Six Pack with, you guessed it, 6 tracks on this 12" record. Joining him is Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle/Fantomas/Tomahawk/Melvins Lite fame.

The cover is designed by our very own HAZE XXL with some yummy cans of Scheisse Bräu,

4 color silkscreen on our standard tan cardstock. In this set you get all 4 of the editions. Here they are...

Scheiss Lite Edition: Goldish-olive drab opaque vinyl with transparent red pinwheel. Album cover ink is in red & metallic gold. Edition size of 100.

Scheiss Bräu Creamy Ale Edition: Marbled foamy opaque cream vinyl. Cover ink is in metallic bronze & blue. Edition size of 100.

Scheiss Bräu Boch Edition: Solid black vinyl. Monochrome cover in light & dark flat gray ink. Edition size of 100.

Scheiss Bräu Tour Ale Edition: Clear beer vinyl with heavy white splatters throughout. Cover ink is in silver & red. Edition size of 200.

Back cover art share the same color scheme & are all hand-stamped with the edition #. Records in this set of 4 all have matching edition #'s. Catalog # is AMREP133.

Finally, the track listings...

Side A

Six Pack
Power of Life
Science In Modern America

Side B

Mock She
Into the 1970's

Drug Trip

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