Helmet- "Stuck" 7" record *Grumpy's Edition*

Sold out.


2015- edition of 100 scale 157

Helmet Stuck 7" *** GRUMPY'S EDITION

 7" single featuring  the songs Stuck & a live version of  In Person. Cover art by HAZE XXL with 3-color silkscreen sleeve printed by Obsolete Industries. This variant has the light beige pink ink sleeve & each are hand-stamped on the back with the edition #. The vinyl is half & half semi-translucent red & opaque mustard. 

These were originally sold as an exclusive for Helmet's Record Release Party on 3/10/2015 at Grumpy's Bar in Downtown Minneapolis. The leftovers got put in a box where they haven't seen the light of day for the past 4 years, until now.  haven't had them on SHOXOP before, so this is the first chance to buy 'em here.

A-side: Stuck

B-side: In Person


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