Our first Helios Creed reissue here. We've been turned on to his mind-bending music long before there was an AmRep when Tom Hazelmyer was introduced to Helio's first band, Chrome, in the late-70's. It was a no-brainer when he went solo after the band broke up to bring him on over for a series of records spanning most of the 90's. Lactating Purple is his 5th full-length studio album & the 3rd with us.

SPIN magazine's review called the album "amazing nonheavy heavy metal for science-fiction minds."

Artwork by HAZE XXL very loosely based on the cover of the original 1991 release, but still going for that college rock, art school weirdo vibe.

This is the Noir Edition & up until now, was only avaialble as a full set with the other 3 Lactating variants. The sleeve colors are the most distinctive from the other & is all monochrome grayscale except for the dash of purple on the mouth & bus, which are red on the other editions. The building on the front is also printed with metallic silver ink, which is another thing unique to it. Vinyl is classic black. Limited to 100 copies & each sleeve is hand-stamped with the edition #.

Catalog # is AMREP003.

Here's the track listings...


Lactating Purple
Flying Through the Either
Ub the Wall
Modular Green

Side B

Big Bang
The Radiated
Martian Sperm & Bagpipes

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