H•O•F - Hepa/Titus Split 7"

Sold out.


2010-Pressing of 100

Scale 119
This split single was made for the October 2010 "Sugar Free Form Pustulism Object Abstract" show in Los Angeles. So here's the deal, all the sleeves were hand-made with 5 designs made by Kevin Rutmanis of Hepa/Titus (& Cows) fame & the other 5 were by our very own Haze-XXL.   Keep in mind, these ARE hand-made sleeves so there are going to be variations from one to the next. All covers are signed & #'ed on the back by the artists.

We are down to the last few copies & are out of all of the designs except for a couple of Kevin's "Screaming Shit" covers.

Both tracks are covers with H•O•F interpreting Brainbombs' "Die You Fuk" on the A-side & Hepa/Titus covering Chrome's "I Am the Jaw"  on the B-side.


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