God Bullies: MamaWombWomb reissue LP- Factory Sleeve Edition

Sold out.

Another reissue from the AmRep vault & it's a real goody. God Bullies long out-of-print Mamawombwomb debut LP that originally came out nearly 30 years ago! (Sheesh, that time really flew by.) If you happened to have seen them perform at the AmRep 25th Anniversary Bash, you know they haven't lost a thing since their heyday & knocked it out of the park.

Haze XXL went pretty bonkers again & based the cover art only loosely on the original record. That flying baby thing is still there, but has been greatly modified into a plucked chicken carcass sporting a toddler's head.

This is the factory Sleeve Edition which means that the cover is printed at the factory & is NOT silkscreened, sign or #'. Production of this variant is limited to just 200 copies. 

The vinyl on this edition is bright translucent green with black & blue splatters. New catalog # to differentiate it from the original release & is AmRep 125.

Finally, the track listings...

Side A

Act of Desire
Creepy People
O Shit
Fear and Pain
What Reason
The Godfather Moves To Arkansas, Pt. 1

Side B

Follow the Leader
Sex Power Money
Red Blood
All I Was Is My Mamma
What Are You Looking For


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