FULL SET - Melvins: "KISS" Special Edition Reissue

Sold out.

Something that's been in the works for quite awhile now. Boner Records reissued the Melvins 4 "KISS" EP albums earlier this year, but we got the chance to release our own Special Edition of them in variant vinyl colors & special HAZE XXL-designed silkcreen sleeves based on the original 1992 covers. Only 140 of each record are in this edition.

Here's the track listings & vinyl colors on each...

King Buzzo: (clear red vinyl)

A1. Isabella
A2. Porg
B1. Annum
B2. Skeeter

Dale Crover: (clear green vinyl marbled with opaque black)

A1. Hex Me
A2. Dead Wipe
B1. Respite
B2. Hurter

Joe Preston:

A1. The Eagle Has Landed
A2. Bricklebrit
B. Hands First Flower

Steven McDonald: (opaque purple with pink haze vinyl)

A1. Doesn't Go Away
A2. Making Peace (With Your Lot)
B1. What Did I Ever Do To You?
B2. When Do I Get to Sing My Way?




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