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Back in the mid-aughts of this century, the band Easy Action approached some artist known as HAZE XXL to design the cover of their 2nd album, Friends of Rock & Roll. Flash forward nearly 15 years & Reptilian Records has brought it back in a super limited reissue edition & HAZE has also returned with new art in his signature linocut style, keeping some elements of the original cover with plenty of additional graphics.

This is the Day-Glo Red Edition with fluorescent red ink & is limited to 100 copies with this cover variant.

3-color silkscreen sleeve on that standard chipboard stock we usually use with the edition # hand-written on the back. Vinyl is clear red with black & white splatters throughout. This is  a Reptilian Records release & is catalog # is REP092.

Tracks are...

    Side 1

    I'm Waiting
    Worse for You
    Friends of Rock & Roll
    Honey Don't
    Dead of Night

    Side 2

    Get It
    There Was a Time
    Get the Fuck Out of My Way
    Kool Aide
    What's Going Down


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