COWS: Sexy Pee Story- 4 Edition Pack

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Here it is, the last AmRep release of 2019 or maybe the first of 2020 depending on when we decide to do this. (UPDATE: It's the first.)

We's gots a Cows reissue of their 1993 album, Sexy Pee Story.

HAZE XXL took the most basic elements of the original cover art & went a different route with things. Sleeves on tan cardstock & silkscreened by Boxy Mouse.

4 editions on this album & you get all of 'em in this 4-pack. Here they are...

Yellow Edition- Front cover is primarily dark pink, black & yellow with metallic gold accents. Vinyl is a black & light mustard yellow pinwheel pattern.

Golden Edition- Front cover is primarily black & metallic gold ink with white accents.  Vinyl is 50/50 split of brown & lemon yellow with black splatters. 100 copies.

Blue Edition- Front cover is blue on blue ink with light gray accents. Vinyl is the same as the Pink Edition & is pale yellow & white haze with red splatters (same as the Pink Edition.) 49 copies.

Pink Edition- Front cover is pink & red ink with light gray accents. Vinyl is pale yellow & white haze with red splatters (& yes, it's the same as the Blue Edition.) 49 copies.

Back of sleeves are the same on all the variants & is hand-stamped with the edition #s all all match on the sets. Plus with this set, you also get a CD version of the album.

Catalog # is AMREP 015. Tracks are...

Side A

Doing the Obvious
39 Lashes
Death In The Tall Weeds

Side B

Uptown Suckers
Sexy Pee Story
The Ouch Cube
Mrs. Cancelled
You Owe Me
Sugar Torch


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