Cherubs: Heroin Man CD (reissue)

Sold out.

Want the music cheap? Here ya go & only $5!
Don’t think of ‘em as compact discs think of ‘em as miniature LP’s with their swank lil’ cardboard sleeves! 

Well whaddya know, it's the Cherubs 2nd studio album 1994 released by Trance Syndicate & we were lucky to be able to reissue it, here in good ol' CD format & for just 5 bucks!!! Hot dog! New sleeve artwork designed by HAZE XXL. Here's ze' tracks...

Stag Party
Baby Huey
Dave of the Mo
Mr. Goy
Kis the Shine 
Venus Flytrap
The Big Groovy
Wornout Balls
Example Maiden Japan/ Devil's Food



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