Calvin Krime - You're Feeling So Attractive

PLEASE NOTE: We're down to the last batch of these in stock & that means the nicest condition copies are already gone. The remaining ones that are for sale will have either have corner dings, creases or if you're really lucky, both. Just something you should know about, so when the record arrives, it saves you an email to us alerting us to the imperfection & where we'll respond, "yes, we know, we've mentioned it right there in the description."


Calvin Krime - You're Feeling So Attractive
amrep 071 • LP / CD

  1. Die Beautiful
  2. Fantabuloso
  3. 411 N. 6th Street
  4. Inverse Crickets And Attractive
  5. Transistors
  6. The Look, The Know
  7. Sea Lions Trained To Hug
  8. Mass Fresh
  9. Hunt The Wumpus
  10. Oh My Goth!
  11. Strictly Business


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