BASH 13 T-Shirt

Remember 2013? 'Twas a simpler time then with Edward Snowden leaking secrets, Rob Ford's love affair with crack & on TV, the much anticipated Breaking Bad's final episode was called one on the greatest show endings of all time (& led to a 2,981 percent increase of sales of Badfinger's Baby Blue.) Also, Glee was somehow still a thing. 

Another event was that a box of BASH 13 shirts in odd sizes got shoved into a SoCal garage & were forgotten for the next 5 years. Guess what? They're back at AmRep & up for sale!

Official BASH 13 T-shirt made for the event held at Grumpy's Bar in downtown Minneapolis on 7/20/2013 featuring Melvins, Mudhoney, Hepa/Titus, Die Kreuzen, Negative Approach, Gay Witch Abortion & Honky.

Great quality black Volcom shirt with 2-color silk screened image on the front designed by Haze-XXL & Amphetamine Reptile logo across the back. (Image on front measures approximately 8" x 10".)


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