"AmRep Equipped" skate deck

Sold out.

 Pretty sure you need a skateboard deck with the graphics of the AmRep Equipped compilation album on it. Scratch that, you absolutely need that!

Produced by The Dark Slide, this deck is a limited edition of 50 & we have a dozen for sale here. 9" shovel-nose deck in 7-ply Canadian maple with screenprinted graphics. Flip side is virgin, no grip tape or additional graphics.


As a bonus, it also comes with a vintage, sealed copy of the 1996/97 AmRep Equipped compilation CD that has not been available through AmRep for the better part of a decade. Here's all the bands & tracks on the album...


  1. Lollipop: Whey Face Down
  2. Guzzard: Deaf Ears, Gamma Rays
  3. Love 666: Bummer
  4. Unsane: Alleged
  5. Cows: Mas-No Mas
  6. Hammerhead: Mune
  7. Chokebore: Popular Modern Themes
  8. Lowercase: Ringbleeder
  9. Servotron: Image Created
  10. Gnomes of Zurich: Big Teeth, Skeletal Face
  11. Feedtime: Billy
  12. Today Is the Day: Realization
  13. Supernova: Vitamins (live TV version)


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