Amphetamine Reptile "Speed Kills, Accelerate!" sticker pack

Sold out.

We always get asked about stickers, so we made 'em!

High quality die-cut stickers that are actually silkscreend by Boxy Mouse. No cheap-ass cranked out junk that will start to fade a month from now.

You set a set of 4 sheets total. 3 of them are 2 stickers on one card & die cut. HAZE XXL designed dinosaur sticker is approx. 3" x 2.5" with separate classic AmRep logo measuring 2.75" x .5" plus a bonus die cut sticker of the logo, but a little larger at 3.25"x .75".

That's 3 times the dinos for 3 times the stickerin' fun!



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