A Purge of Dissidents V.2-7"

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2007-Pressing of 300

Scale 106
This is a series of limited singles (pressings of 300!). Taking the instrumental tracks from the A.P.O.D. soundtrack and having a guest do Vocals on a track or 2 from the soundtrack as well as utilizing some of the extra material recorded.

Single TWO (V.2) in the 7” series features vocals on Side 1 from David Yow (Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard) and on Side A from Shannon Selberg (Cows/Heroin Sheiks)

Side 1:
Infestation Of Buffalo & White Boy (Yow)
Gristle & Repeating Mistakes (Selberg)
It’s impossible to sum up this monster project in a couple paragraphs, but we’ll give it a shot. The nutshell version: The project centers on 10 short animated films featuring the appealingly disturbed Space Monkey character of graffiti artist Dalek’s creation.  Accompanying these shorts is all new original music from HAZE XXL. The combination of the the two elements takes the whole concept a few steps further than it’s parts.

Aside from a tour of multimedia fine art shows, this project culminated in 2007 with the release (on Ipecac Records) of a Book / DVD / CD of the entire project. Check out the project on our sister website,





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