UPDATE: NEW ZEALAND: Your government followed the Australian's lead starting October 1st,  2021. Everything below also applies to you now.

Well, for some reason beyond our comprehension, the Australian government thought now would be a good time to suspend both 1st Class International & Priority Mail International service from the USA. Not sure why they completely lost their shit 18+ months into the Covid-19 pandemic, but this is the idiotic path they've chosen.

They first cut 1st Class mail on September 3rd, but kept it going for Priority Mail International for anyone who wanted to pay a lot more on top of the already expensive rates from the USA to Australia. But as of September 17th, 2021, they've "temporarily" nixed that as well. Well, not entirely, if you want to pay through the ass even more than you did before. How much are we talking about?  Glad you asked, because we checked & a 2.5 oz, $5 cheapy CD will is a minimum of $65.96 in shipping charges now. That's %*#$?@ ridiculous, so we're going to have to suspend sales for the time being & keep our fingers crossed that "temporary" is just that & won't last long.

Unfortunately, that's not all. If you've ordered anything via 1st Class Mail that's still in transit, according to the information the Australian government has released, it's not getting delivered. It's now classified as "suspended mail" & will be getting shipped back to us here. I don't know if that's going to apply to Priority, so we'll have to wait & see.

Honest to fuck, we've all had to navigate some dumbass B.S. in the past year & a half, but this one truly makes no sense at all. Thank you all for you're continued support of AmRep & we'll be actively monitoring the situation & will resume orders to Australia as soon as we get the go ahead to do so.

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